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Complete ERP Document Lifecycle — Covus ® automates all inbound, internal,and outbound transactional documents across processes such as accounting, manufacturing/production, distribution/logistics, service, and corporate operations.

Best-of-Breed Document Output, Storage & Retrieval — FormScape V3 manages premium-branded ERP and business system documents such as e-forms, reports, invoices, timesheets, correspondence, orders, and labels delivered in any format.

eBridge A web-based facility locator solution. An asset management tool with location capability.



At TekBridge, we make technology tangible! We do so by offering innovative solutions and through our menu of products we put into the hands of our clients - enabling tools to support them to carry out their functions.





salesBridge – a web-based sales automation, forecasting, and reporting tool. It uses web technology to securely, timely and accurately capture, analyze, and report sales information.

salesBridge key benefits include:


SmartCode Counter – TekBridge supports Configuration management and Application Development efforts with metrics collection on such attributes as lines of code, code qu ality defined by standards adherence, etc.

SmartCode Counter:

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